services at 9:30 and 11:00am

The government has left it up to individual companies and groups to determine what changes will happen in their environments. We are not changing our policy on masks for church attendance. Our mask policy was never mandatory, it was always voluntary. We still encourage people to be careful in public spaces. We are not in the business of asking people whether they are vaccinated or not. 

The one change we are beginning now is that we are no longer requiring mask wear for our volunteers. We will allow our volunteers to use the same discernment for serving as attending our services. 


We will continue to encourage people to be smart and careful. Our hope to that all that enter our building for worship, feel comfortable. We would like to emphasize that it's okay to still choose to worship from home. 

what does sunday look like?

Seating is available in the Worship Center and The Dock (in the Kids wing). 


The Dock is set up with tables with TV's set up to stream the service from the Worship Center.

Both services will be live streamed on YouTube and Facebook.

We encourage people to wear masks in the lobby. We will have some available for those who may need one.


We are providing multiple disinfecting stations in touchless dispensers throughout the building.

There is an online welcome card for guests. Prayer requests can be submitted with this form.


There are individually wrapped communion containers on tables just outside the Worship Center. Please pick one up prior to entering for worship.


Offering can be dropped off in the sealed boxes on the communion table. You can also give online. 

Let’s protect each other.