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How We Started

Macomb Christian Church began as a small group of believers meeting together for a Bible Study in 1970. Out of that Bible Study grew a desire to form a church that would reach out to the community of the growing Macomb County with the truth of God. In 1971, Macomb Christian Chapel held their first service in Magahay Elementary school in Sterling Heights. By 1972, they had hired their first minister and had purchased property on Hayes Road just south of 19 mile. 


​In that 3 acre property, the church grew from a small group of under 50 to a church of 250 in the late 80s. The Hayes Road location was nice, but the church was landlocked with its 3 acres. In 1991, the church bought property on 22 Mile Road and began plans for relocating. Between 1992 and 1995, Macomb met and worshipped at Stevenson High School, and in the fall of 1995, moved into the 15 acre campus at 22 Mile road. ​


God has continued to bless MCC since 1995.  The church has been able to expand its programming for youth and children, develop community outreach and care ministries, launch more than 20 small groups and study opportunities each week for adults. Its staff has grown from 3 to 7.  ​


What began as a small group of men and women studying the Bible together is still small groups of men and women studying the Bible together. What began as a group looking for a way to worship God every week, has become a committed family of believers worshipping God passionately each and every Sunday. What began as a group looking to see who God would call into their midst is still enjoying God bringing new people, hungry for God into her midst. God is still changing people and reaching out to people and God is still being honored at MCC.

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