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Our purpose is to make God and His son, Jesus known. God has strategically placed us where we are to reach the people around us. And that is about change.  God loves us just the way we are, but He loves us too much to leave us this way.

Making God Known

The church has the awesome task of making God known. In a world that He created, there is evidence of Him everywhere. In our daily lives we have the opportunity to know God in many ways. We need to pursue Him in everything we do, so that God's presence and power can be known.

People are joining us week after week because something is missing or incomplete in their lives. They have encountered God and long for more. He is not silent. God uses the church to confirm this encounter or satisfy this longing. We define it with words and concepts. The church equips us to share our story.

We are an expression of the God who made us: in our words and in our actions. So it is our responsibility to tell our story and make Him known.


Developing Disciples

Jesus commissioned us to make disciples through baptism and teaching. As a follower of Christ, we must be a part of this plan. The development of our faith and relationship with God takes an intentional effort. This is a daily practice of learning and personal life change.

Discipleship is a group effort. We are all responsible for the spiritual development of someone else by inviting, encouraging, teaching

and correcting.


Strategic Go

For each of us, the goal is the same, but the form it takes can be very different. We have been sent and must GO. Every follower of Christ needs to discover where God is sending them.

As a church, we make strategic plans to reach our community. Each person needs to intentionally reach out to their community as well. God placed us across this region and called us to reach the ends of the earth.

Instead of leaving the world and living within church walls we have been challenged to stay in the world...with a mission. To identify, pray over and strategically reach the communities we are in.

Our Purpose

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