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Core Purpose: Making God Known

Last month I shared with you a bit about how important it is to work on our Core. Exercise specialists tell us that with our core, our bodies would be useless. Our core supports not just our torso, but it gives is the leverage we need to move our legs and arms. It supports our head and neck function – not to mention all of the vital organs that are housed inside our core.

In the church, we have core proposes that we need to be about. Without these core purposes or practices, the body, the church, doesn’t function. One of our Core proposes is to make God known.

We are built to be “tellers”. Let me explain. Every human being has a need to share and talk about what is going on in their lives. Now some people do in easily... without end... for days at a time… in every public and social medium possible. Others are more reserved. But I have found, if you find the right topic, every person has a lot to say about something.

As a parent, I could talk for hours about my daughters. In 2016, the one turned 16 and one turned 21. They are incredibly smart young women (they are both smarter than me…) they are incredibly talented young ladies (the best I can do is watch them dance and marvel at what a gift they have). They are better looking than me (that is a great thing for both of them.) And next year, in 2017, they both will get licenses. Gabby will get her drivers license, and Danielle a marriage license. (They are much more ready than I am for either of those events.)

But no matter how ready I am, or however mundane some parts of their life might be, you would not tell it by the way I like to talk about them. I was built to be a teller about the lives of my girls. We are designed to talk about the things we love.

For our lives as God followers, we are designed to talk about Him – to make Him known.

I am convinced of this. God is active in the lives of everyone. Some people are better at sensing what He is up to than others. Making God known is not always about repeating truth about God. Most of the time, making God known is about sharing what He has done or is doing in us. It is about being aware of Him. It is about sharing what He is doing among us.

In our next teaching series “Behold!” we are going to share some very simple but awesome stories about how God is evident in our lives. We will first look into the Bible to see how God showed Himself to be faithful, or patient, or a rescuer, or a protector or creative… and then, if we will look, we will see ways that God shows Himself to be creative and faithful and our rescuer and protector in our lives today. These are the stories we have to share. This is how we make Him known.

You see, my God is smarter than I am (He knows it, and I know it.) God is more talented than I will ever be (though He allows me to watch and marvel at what He does.) God is better looking than I am (He is beautiful in His ways and awesome in His majesty.) And God grants us license to live for Him in free and new ways that completely changes our lives. (Even when we don’t feel ready for it yet.)

Once we know Him, the “teller” part of us takes over. He is here. He is at work. He is telling His new stories in us.

Let’s make Him known.

Looking forward to sharing life with you,


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