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I grew up working with my father. My dad was/is a subcontractor working in floor covering: carpet vinyl, tile, hardwood, marble… we did a little of everything. As a kid, he invited me in the family business about the time I turned 12. Summers were spent on job sites with dad learning a trade. At the time, it didn’t always feel like it. At the time, I went because dad jokingly said, this was the way to work off room and board. Besides, we lived in the country, there was not much to do on those long summer days.

Looking back on it now, I see the value of what I learned there. Not only did I learn a trade I could fall back on if this ministry thing did not work out. I also learned the value of hard work. I learned to stay and finish a job. I learned a sense of accomplishment. I learned that I could do things if I set my mind to them. I learned that I may not want to work for family for the rest of my life… What I thought was just a way for my dad to get some cheap labor, turned out making an investment in my character and future. At the time, I could not see it, but now I do.

Sometimes there is more going on than we can see at first glance.

Over the next few months, we are asking you to make an investment into the ways we serve in our community. We know there is more going on than just a few meals, an event or a worship service. God is at work. And we are asking you to join God in what He is trying to do. We are asking you to do some important things… some of them are uncomfortable, out of our comfort zone. And what God is doing now, we may not be able to see until much later.

We have a strategic go into our community. We have planned events and activities to reach the people around us. We want to invite you in. To join us on the inside track for MCC’s Strategic Go for our community.

  1. MCREST. March 12 -19 we are housing up to 30 men from our community in our building. These men are trying get their lives back together and currently have nowhere to live. We partner with the MCREST organization for their needs. We provide housing, food and transportation for the week. MCREST provides them counsel and avenues to find employment and housing. We also have a chance to share love and Jesus with them in conversation. Feed. Serve. Share.

  2. Easter Children’s Outreach. April 8th @ 10 am & 1 pm. We are doing something NEW this year. Our culture is ever changing, and our methods to gain their attention and share Jesus must try NEW things. We are bringing in a group of people to do an interactive and high energy program for children with an Egg Hunt to follow. There will be two show times. We are hoping to pack out our facility for the program – it will share Jesus with all who come. We are putting 25,000 eggs together for the egg hunts. This is a family friendly event. Invite. Volunteer. Pray.

  3. Easter Weekend. April 16th @ 8:30, 10:00 &11:30 am we are offering three Easter services. (Good Friday has 2 service times: 1 & 7 pm). On holiday weekends, most people will attend somewhere with a simple invitation to come. That day we will worship God and talk about the most important events in the history of mankind – the death and resurrection of Jesus. We will convince people that Easter is more than an excuse to hide eggs and eat ham with the family. That day we will open our facility and make room for all to come hear. Make them feel at home. God has a home for them. Let’s have faith in a greater purpose and join with God. Pray. Invite. Welcome.


There is a big difference between being invited and feeling welcome. ~ Bob Goff


And just like sweeping floors for my dad, nailing in tack strip, trimming carpet or mixing grout… these events did not seem to be life changing at the time, but looking back, they developed something deeper in me.

So let's not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up. Galatians 6:9 NLT

Simple acts of kindness, caring conversations, neighborly invitations, the tickets we pick up for children, the food we serve or the way we make people feel welcome in a new place. (Remember, they don’t know where to sit, when to stand, or how to find the restrooms...) Maybe those don’t seem to be big things… But in the hands of our God over time, we never know when He is doing something deeper.


So let's not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up. Galatians 6:9 NLT


So, hang on MCC. God is at work in us. This is part of our “Go” for the next few months. And He will take whatever we give, and however we offer ourselves and do something great with those efforts.

Serving with you…


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