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That is the question for the ages. Since we were kids, people have been challenging us to do new things. “Betcha can’t jump over that fence and swim in their pool… Betcha can’t throw this ball over the house… Betcha can’t jump off the roof onto the shed… Betcha can’t go over 120MPH…” What exactly was the “bet” in that? Did it matter? I did all of them... all on a dare (Sorry mom if you are just finding out about this. There was no ticket involved… well, not for me.) At times, we are all challenged to put ourselves out there and try something new: to do something that we have never done before. To take it a bit farther. Hopefully, not in an adolescent, “I have to prove myself” way. But I hope we are still up to being challenged.

  • David was a teenager when he accepted the clanged to face Goliath.

  • Moses was 80 when he walked into Pharaoh’s’ throne room to speak up for the Israelites.

  • Josiah was 8 years old when he became king – and became the godliest king after David to ever rule in the city of Jerusalem.

  • Abraham was 75 when he left home to follow God’s challenge.

  • The Apostle John was probably in his mid-20’s when Jesus sent him into the world.

  • Joshua was in his 70’s, maybe 80’s when he led the people into the promised land.

Age does not seem to be a factor with God when it comes to being up for a challenge. Then challenge was not even about whether the person was ready for what was coming next. David was not trained a soldier. Moses was sure he was not qualified. Josiah might have thought himself up to the challenge… what 8-year-old boy doesn’t think he can be king. Joshua – he had to fill the shoes of one of the greatest leaders of the Old Testament. Accepting a challenge is rarely about whether we feel ready, or even have all the facts. It is about having the courage to sept up to begin. Listen. We’re entering a new season in just a few weeks. Fall is here. School is upon us. Soon, we will be sitting in curriculum nights with teachers we are just meeting to talk about the challenges that are in front of our children for the year. Challenges. Are you up for a challenge? This year at MCC, God has some challenges in front of us. We are growing as God’s people. We are changed and changing people. God has some personal challenges for each of us. He has challenges for us church body. Some of these challenges will allow us to do things in our community that we have never done before. Some of them will take us places we have not been before. Some of them will happen as we face things in in our life we have been putting off. Some of them look like:

  • 100,000 meals packed and served in our community

  • Volunteering in our community through a local school

  • 200 adults committed to discipleship

  • To learn to love “that” person

  • Baptism Celebration

  • A new Life group

  • Leading/Teaching the next generation

Some may not be new to you. Some will be new to you. Our challenge as a church will be to include everyone in the challenges tha god puts in front of us. On Sunday, September 10 and 17, we will be talking about our challenges and what God has in store for us. Be here. The challenge is in front of us. Whether you are an 8-year-old or an 80-year-old, God’s challenges don’t stop until heaven. Are you up for the challenge? I betcha you are…. Andy

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