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We have a lot to be thankful for. As I look at how God has blessed our church, I see His hand in so many things. This fall has been amazing in many ways. We kicked off our fall with a Baptism service and a commitment to God for the year. We had nine people who made a public commitment of their faith on that Sunday night. We even have a few more baptisms coming this year! One young mother approached me after church on that Sunday morning and asked if it was too late to be part. We scheduled some time that afternoon to talk about baptism and where God had been leading her life. As she shared her story, it was clear God had been leading their family to a deeper commitment to Christ. While they were new to MCC, God had already been at work in their lives. With young kids growing up, they wanted to get involved with a church that was closer to home. God is at work in our midst drawing people to himself. We have had even more commit to help Fuel the Vision for MCC. We have had $65,750 in commitment from all of you to give over and above what you have given this year. That is the largest increase to our general giving we've had since we moved into the building. As we strategically reach our local community, we have seen doors open for us. Schwarzkoff Elementary School has been extremely grateful for the food and volunteers we have been able to provide for them. In our 40 Days of Love series, our LIFE groups were challenged to find a project to serve together. Some of the reports coming back from our LIFE groups as they plan, have been exciting. Both opportunities, God brought to us as ways to show God’s love to our local community. Just this past weekend, our Compass ministries hosted a 5/4 event (that’s called a 5th Quarter event). We had more than 75 teens from across our area show up to have fun in a safe environment after the football games Friday night. It was a bit loud, and a bit rowdy, and Garrett and our teens did a great job inviting and hosting and making sure that teens from our area felt welcome and at home in our home. As we get closer to Thanksgiving, we have some awesome opportunities to show God’s love and attention in our community. We will be cooking and taking meals to our first responders in our area. Last year, we cooked Thanksgiving dinner for the men and women who staff our emergency services on the holiday… just to show our appreciation and God’s love. This year, we would like to cover more stations and even our local police department. But it all depends on us. Beginning on November 5, we'll have online sign-ups for food donations and delivery. The more of us to respond, the more stations we will serve. On Saturday, November 18, we will partner with the city of Sterling Heights to serve people in need in our own community. We will volunteer with others to help clean up yards and some light maintenance for those who are not able to do it for themselves now. All it takes is a little effort on our part to encourage someone. A few hours of time on a Saturday morning could make someone’s month. And God’s love will be seen. You can go to our website to sign up to SERVE. Strategically we have a chance to share God’s love to our community. When God first called out to Abraham and asked him to follow Him, God made an amazing statement. He said that Abraham was blessed to be a blessing. He was given God’s promises and protection and provision, and in response, Abraham would set an example for the world. Abraham is known as the father of faith. He recognized that when you know you are being blessed by God, you have an opportunity to be a blessing to others. And as a result, we open even more doors for God’s love and ways to be seen. So... sign up early for these opportunities. We want at least 50 people who have never served in one of these events before to join us. It's more than a goal or a strategic step into our community. It's 50 more people doing the work of God with us. It's 50 more people who have committed themselves to showing God’s love. it's 50 more blessed people, blessing the world around them. Join us. Don’t wait. Andy

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