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Tuning In Growing up, there were only a few channels on TV to watch. CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS and that other station. Today, there are thousands of cable stations. There is the internet, Hulu, Amazon and Netflix series and channels. There are way too many things trying to get our attention. We have become fragmented. It seems harder and harder to pay attention to even the things we like. In our Christian faith, there are hundreds of bits of advice and ways to live being shared with us. And sometimes, we need to narrow the choices to really listen to just a few channels, or one predominate message. For the month of February, we are going to spend most of our time teaching about money. Making Change is not a series about giving. It is a look at scripture to see what God teaches about finances. In our world, money caused more stress, more arguments, more court cases, more workaholics, and more fear than anything else in our lives. We are not sure what to do with what we have, we are not sure what we need for our future. We are unsure how to undue the mistakes of last year. So, for February we will offer God’s advice about how to put money back into its proper place in our lives. How to take the stress, and worry and indecisiveness out of money. How to give us the confidence that what we are doing is backed by God. So… tune in this month and hear the message that we so desperately need to Make Change in our lives. We may need to tune out other things so that we can tune in to what God wants us to hear. Our confidence needs it. Our development as disciples depends on it. Looking forward to growing with you…


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