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As I write this, August is almost here. We are just getting used to the heat, and fall is on the horizon. We have almost cycled through another season. As a church, over the next five months, we are headed into another season. I am not talking about fall and programming. Even though I am looking forward to groups starting and the great things we have planned. I am talking about this season in the life in our church. As we take this survey and work with a consultant to pray and plan for our church future. For the next five months, our leadership will take extra time to be more introspective and prayerful about our direction. In this season, we are purposely looking at the call and commission God has given our church and asking – are we doing it? How can we do it better? It has been 11 years since we have examined these considerations. The world has changed in 11 years. Our county is 8% bigger in population (over 850,000). Gay marriage is now possible in many states. Legalizing marijuana could be on the ballet for this fall in Michigan. Oldsmobile and Pontiac are gone (and I am not sure how many times Dodge/Chrysler/Daimler/Fiat has changed its name…) Since 2007, we’ve had two different presidents... neither of which 15 years ago the county would have ever imagined. We’ve gone through a recession and a resurgence. And after 50 years, North Korea is in the headlines again. And yet, I am not worried or despondent. God is on His throne. That has not changed. The world needs the gospel. That has not changed. The church is the only organization charged with sharing Jesus with the world. That has not changed. And God will not leave us in the midst of it. That has not changed. So please pray for our leadership as we walk through this next season of evaluation, introspection, prayer and planning. We are grateful for your response with the survey. Your input is so helpful. Continue to pray for our church as we continue to share Jesus with a world that keeps changing. I am looking forward to what God has for us. Andy

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