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As we head fully in to this fall season, God has opened the door of opportunity for us to serve together as a church. This is something that I love about Macomb. We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and do something good and we are in a season of time when we have many projects in our community happening. This past month, we provided candy and cider for Schwarzkoff Elementary School's Trunk or Treat event. We donated over 250 pounds of candy and over 30 gallons of cider. The staff and parents there were so appreciative of our willingness to go serve alongside of them. People hear a message of love when we help them serve their kids. In the next six weeks, we have three more serving opportunities. This is a chance for us to “strategically go” into our world and serve in the name of Jesus: to do good deeds and some great things. Serve Day is on Saturday, November 10. We get a chance to meet and serve people we would never have a chance to know any other way. The City of Sterling Heights has identified some homes in need of yard work and repair. The people who own them are not able to do the work. So, we will serve together. This is so cool because it speaks to city government that there are people out here who care. It speaks to the owners of homes who need help. It is just a few hours on a Saturday morning. It’s a great way for parents to show their kids the value of serving. First Responders Meals. We are also donating and cooking food for the Shelby Township Fire Departments. The men and women who serve on Thanksgiving and the day after, who are not home with their families on those days. They are serving our community. This is an opportunity for us to say thank you, and remind them that they are not alone or unnoticed. Food is the universal language of “we care.” Watch for an opportunity to donate food. We will be collecting in November. Meal Packing. In December, we will pack meals for those in desperate need. This is our fourth year doing this event. EVERYONE can do this. On Sunday night, December 9, we will gather to pack 40,000 meals here at MCC. Kids Against Hunger distributes these packets of food to people in hurricane crises or for food relief in poor areas of our country. Most of our meals will stay local and be distributed through Forgotten Harvest. They distribute food to the needy of the Metro Detroit area. Meeting the real and immediate needs of people, is the way Jesus did ministry. His good deeds were done in the midst of people’s needs and crisis. We’ve been sent. We are sent to do what is good. This is not everything that could be done in our community, but it is what we are choosing to do right now. So, talk about it in your LIFE Groups and come serve together. If you don’t know anyone here well yet, sign up on your own. Serving alongside someone is a great way to meet someone else trying to live the Jesus way. As much as I love it when you come to meet with us here, I love more hearing the stories of those who go out there, to do something good.

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