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I have always admired my wife. And not just for all the obvious reasons. When she led our last musical here at the church, she approached that role with so much enthusiasm. She had over 120 people involved in the program. She has a gift for taking those who could not sing and hiding it from the rest of us. (You know who you were.) She asked people who had never been involved with anything at church before to come and help. It was more than a few times that people would tell her, “he won’t do that” or “she will never…” But her mantra was, "If I don’t ask, then I said ‘no’ for them." Interesting. I’m asking you to do just that…ask. Ask the people you know and love, to come to church. Listen, I know all the excuses. I have used some of them myself… more than a few times:

  • What if they say no?

  • I asked once already, and they said no.

  • They don’t seem to be the type to want to go to a church.

  • I have never heard them talk about God. I don’t think they are interested at all.

And yet, every time we don’t ask them to come, we say no for them. If we do not give them even the opportunity to respond, then we have taken their choice away. Invite them to one of our three services times on Christmas Eve. We have prepared a beautiful invitation card that you will find on your seats this Sunday at church. Use this as a conversation starter. Drop it in a neighbor’s mailbox. Snap a pic and text. Give them the chance to say YES! We are so excited about what we are preparing for Christmas Eve services. In a world obsessed by tragedy and fake news, we’ll share the Good News that the angel announced to the world that day. We’ve incorporated some really creative ways to emphasize all that goodness. Attenders and guests will leave feeling filled with Christmas hope and even receive a gift to take home. We’ll invite them back in January, for our next sermon series called, “The Real God.” The reason most of our world isn’t following God is because they don’t know who He is. We’ll bring clarity to misconceptions about God and help people to truly know and experience Him. The way we see God effects more than just the way we relate to God, it also effects the way we see ourselves. To enhance the series, our LIFE Groups will also be using this study. Not part of a LIFE Group yet? Check out our web page and see all the different groups and the day/times they meet. Don’t see one that works for your schedule? Consider starting one! You can email the LIFE Group coordinators to see what that would entail for you. What if all those excuses were not true?

  • What if they say yes?

  • What if they weren’t interested before, but they are now?

  • What if they aren’t the type to go to church because they’ve never been invited to church? Everybody has a first time.

  • What if they just don’t know who to talk to about God?

Let’s give the people we know an option. Don’t say no for them. Invite someone to come with you to church. Let’s give ‘em a choice! Andy

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