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I love my church. There is so much packed into that simple statement. I love the people here. I love what we do when we are together. I love the way that even in the rain, you stayed at Church in the Park, and we finished with a great meal together. I love our church. For the month of August, we will be talking our way through the things that we love most about our Church. They are the things we value most. And hopefully, anyone who walks though our doors will experience these things that we love about our Church. We call these things our values. Over the past year, we have refined our values. And over this next month, you will see them displayed in new ways here at MCC. Here is what I love about out church. We are a place with… A heart for compassionate service A soul of devoted worship A mind of life-changing truth A strength of real community I love the way we serve together. I love the way you respond to the needs of our people and our community. I love the way we worship. I love that you stand as we sing. I love our commitment to the Bible and its truth. I love the way that truth has changed the lives of people here. I love the people God has brought here. There are such strong relationships building and developing at MCC. I love my church. I love the fact that we are willing to change and do new things. I love the fact that 32 people so far have signed up to be reading coaches at Schwarzkoff Elementary School this fall. I love that we are revealing our new values, a new church logo, and some improvements in our foyer. Hopefully by the end of September, we will all love driving on a newly surfaced parking lot as well. I hope you can join us for all of August. Let’s celebrate what God has made us to be. I love my church. And I hope you do too…

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