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Are you stuck in a rut? - Bruce Brown

Often, I find myself stuck in rut. Not a terrible dramatic rut that is found in movies or soap operas, but a rut of the mundane. I wake, go to work, perform necessary tasks, come home, drive kids where they need to go, and head to bed. I repeat this day in and day out. I still listen to sermons in the car and say quick prayers throughout the day. I may even squeeze in some bible reading!  

The threat of the mundane is there for all of us. We treat life like we treat our hair: lather, rinse, repeat.  Each day the rut gets smoother and deeper. You may find yourself, like I have many times asking, “Is this what life was supposed to be?” or “What is God’s will for my life. It can’t be this!”

As Christians we need an answer to this rut situation. If there is not an answer, then, is my life much different than some of my coworkers? Is there more than just the routine? What is God’s will for our lives?

There is an answer to breaking the ruts in our lives! Paul clearly states what God’s will for our lives is in Thessalonians!  “Be joyful, pray continually, and always give thanks!” I Thessalonians 5:16-18. This may not seem logical or go along with the way we have lived most of our adult lives. We want to rely on our own reasoning, strength or experience. We want to have our lives pass through the filter of human life. 

Paul says something different! Everything we come across must be put through the filter of prayer and thanksgiving. Life becomes the challenge of placing circumstances in God’s perspective and learning what the Master wants us to learn.

Prayer Challenge: “Lord help me rejoice always, pray continually, and give thanks always. Help me see what you see. Help me out of my ruts and into your will!”

Action Challenge:  Take a minute and give thanks for a circumstance that is difficult. Pray to him about it and give thanks because he heard you!” Encourage others to do the same. 

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