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The Triumph of Faith over Fear - Morgan Brown

As we live through a time where fear has taken over, we really have to think. Fear grasps us and becomes our every thought. It messes with us and makes us do crazy things, like buying excessive amounts of toilet paper. Yet, we need to pause and understand our calling as disciples of Jesus. Jesus said to his followers in Mark, “Why are you so full of fear? Do you not have faith?” (Mark 4:40) During this world-wide pandemic, those are questions we need to daily ask ourselves. Jesus is declaring that faith will indeed triumph over fear in our lives. Many of us have let fear run rampant in our lives, becoming uncontrollable. So, rather than letting fear win this battle, let’s replace it with faith!

Continue to pray, and God’s light will shine through this scary time. Praying is key, it is powerful, and our direct hotline to our God. So, pray today, “God, I give this to you. The coronavirus and all my worries are in your hands not mine. I pray for miraculous healing, and that the power of God will be seen and spread. In Jesus name, amen.”

Prayer:  Be honest with God. Ask him to reveal to you the areas of your life where fear has taken the place of faith.

Action:  Identify one specific area of your life where fear is winning over faith. Wage war against this fear and give it over to Jesus our Lord. 

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