proposal 3

As a rule, Macomb chooses not to get involved in politics. We seek to build the Kingdom of God, not necessarily to build an earthly kingdom in America. While we own a dual citizenship for a moment, we realize our ultimate citizenship is in heaven. The church has been asked to support candidates and voice our opinion on certain proposals in the past, and we staunchly urged you to do your own research and vote your own conscience. We would like you to consider what scripture says about one of the proposals on the ballot this November. It involves more than a political concern, but also a moral issue. 


Proposal 3 is a state of Michigan push to reestablish abortion rights. We have talked about the sanctity of life before. It is clear from the Psalms, especially Psalm 139, that God is intimately involved in our development, even within the womb. David writes, we have been “knit together by God” within the womb of our mother. Rebekah, the wife of Isaac, had twins who wrestled together in the womb. John the Baptist leapt for joy within the womb of his mother in the presence of the unborn Jesus. Life, creation, and identity begin at the moment of conception. Life is precious to God. For the past 50 years in Michigan, abortion has been legal, but abortion has never been moral. Abortion is, in essence, the killing of an innocent life.


We recognize how sensitive this issue is for many. Abortion impacts the lives of women and families. At Macomb, we choose to love those who struggle through these issues or any other struggle in life. We choose to be a place that loves people where they are as Jesus would love them. We recognize the pain abortion can cause in the lives of people. This is not meant as a condemnation of those who have had an abortion, but as a cry to try to protect the life of the future unborn. Life is precious to God. God is for life – both in the womb and those already born. God is present in the lives of those who are hurting, and so will we be present in the lives of those who struggle and hurt through this. We continue to urge people to live every area of life according to the standards God sets for us. 


We've talked this fall about what it means to have God at the Center of your life. When we really make God our only priority, we must live this life his way. We urge you to consider how God would call you to vote on this proposal. This proposal goes far beyond the exercise of our free will to choose our own course in life. It ends the life of someone God is creating. We urge you to do your own study and research on this proposal and vote as God leads. 


Scriptures to consider:


Psalm 139:13-16

Exodus 20:13

Jeremiah 1:5

Genesis 25:21-23

Luke 1:41-44

Proverbs 6:16-18

Exodus 21:22-24