One of the best ways to get connected to God, the people of Macomb and our ministries is through our Connection Classes. They are offered on an ongoing rotation and the current dates are listed below. These classes are great if you are new to Macomb and continue to prove beneficial for those of you who have been here a while.

Knowing God, Membership, Welcome and New Life classes are offered in person and virtually. Directions for the virtual class are emailed through the registration form.

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Knowing God

If you want to learn more about relating with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit through the Bible, prayer and other believers, join us for this class.

Classes:   Sunday // 11:00am

2021:  JULY 18

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Membership Class

If you want to become a member at Macomb, we offer a no pressure class that discusses our church history, leadership structure, and the importance of being a part of a local body of believers. In addition, we share the benefits of membership and how to become a member at Macomb.

Classes:   Sunday // 11:00am

2021:   JUNE 27, SEPT 26

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Welcome to MACOMB

We offer a regular time to come and interact with a few of our leaders to find out more about our church. This introduction to Macomb is meant to simply answer questions and share about our church’s mission, values, ministries, and staff. It’s a great way to get to know us. 


Classes:   Sunday // 11:00am

2021:   JUNE 6, SEPT 19

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New Life in Christ

In the American church, salvation and baptism are taught many different ways. In this class, we bring clarity and understanding as we take a simple look at what the Bible actually says about these topics.

Classes:   Sunday // 11:00am

2021:  AUG 29 

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connection tour

We'd love to show you around Macomb Christian Church so you feel at home here. Get a behind the scenes look at how we make church services happen week after week. You'll get a guided tour through our building explaining all of our 'moving parts'. By the end of the tour, you will feel more ownership of your church, gain information about exciting service opportunities, and discover how you and your family can be more connected here at Macomb.

Classes:   Sunday // 11:00am

2021:  MAY 23, AUG 15

Let us know you're coming!