birth to 4th grade

sunday programming

 9:30am programming for 1 - 4 grade.  11:00am programming for all grades.

our safety steps:

Snacks provided using gloves and safety precautions. The drinking fountains are not available currently. You can have your child bring a labeled water bottle to the classroom. Nursery parents: provide your child with their own food in a container and their own sippy cup/bottle. All items need labeled.

Nursery parents: let the nursery volunteers know if you want to be called to change your child’s diaper or if you are ok with the volunteers doing it.

Hand sanitizer and wipes are in every classroom. Every week, all the classrooms, toys, doorknobs, etc will be sanitized. 


All baby dolls and anything cushioned have been removed from the classrooms.

We ask parents to:

Take your child’s temperature before coming to church. Sometimes children cannot express when they are not feeling well.


If your child has any of the following symptoms, do not bring them that Sunday:  runny nose/sneezing (even if it is clear), coughing, sore throat, stomachache, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, or fever. If we see any of these symptoms in the classroom, we will call you to come and get them.

not ready yet:

We understand if you are not ready to comeback or you have someone that is immune compromised in your household. Here are some great resources you can utilize for your child’s age. There's a lot of useful stuff here for you.

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LifeWay offers many great apps available through your app store. 

Engage: sundays at 6:00pm

Throughout the school year, your kids meet for a fun and high-energy program that engages the kids in the whole story of God’s Word.  

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Elementary  Camp Dates

3rd-5th Grade Camp-June 20-25

Horse Camp(3rd-5th Grade-June 20-25

Dance Camp(3rd-5th Grade)-June 20-25

First Chance Camp(1st-2nd Grade)-July 8-10