birth to 4th grade

sunday programming

reopening july 12

offered during the 11:00am service

 We will monitor weekly attendance and if needed, reevaluate whether we should open the 9:30am service.

our safety steps:

Limiting the class size to 10 children. Most classes will have two teachers in the room. If needed, we can move one teacher with some children to another room.

Encouraging but not requiring children (4 year old - 6th grade) to wear a mask. If you want your child to wear a mask, please let the teacher know at drop off. The teachers are encouraged to wear masks as well.

No snacks will be served in any room. The drinking fountains are not available currently. You can have your child bring a labeled water bottle to the classroom. Nursery parents: provide your child with their own food in a container and their own sippy cup/bottle. All items need labeled.

Only one person per station checking in your family to minimize the number of people touching the computer. ONLY the gatekeeper and greeters will check in your family. 

Nursery parents: let the nursery volunteers know if you want to be called to change your child’s diaper or if you are ok with the volunteers doing it.

Hand sanitizer and wipes are in every classroom. Every week, all the classrooms, toys, doorknobs, etc will be sanitized. 


All baby dolls and anything cushioned have been removed from the classrooms. More tables have been added to allow kids to socially distance. The Dock has individual squares for the kids to create social distancing during worship and the lesson.

We ask parents to:

Take your child’s temperature before coming to church. Sometimes children cannot express when they are not feeling well.


If your child has any of the following symptoms, do not bring them that Sunday:  runny nose/sneezing (even if it is clear), coughing, sore throat, stomachache, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, or fever. If we see any of these symptoms in the classroom, we will call you to come and get them.

not ready yet:

We understand if you are not ready to comeback or you have someone that is immune compromised in your household. Here are the weekly videos and activities for your child’s age. Download them and use as you'd like. It's a great way to keep the kids current with the lessons.

Video for August 9

other resources:

Check out our Kids Ministry Facebook page, Parent Cue and the LifeWay's Bible reading plan for information, fun videos and podcasts.There's lot of useful stuff there!





virtual camp


service project

August 3 - 7

Kdg - 4th  grade

Summer 2020 may look different than we originally planned, but we’re excited to offer FOCUS (Faith, Outreach, Community, United, Serving) virtual camp. It's an experience that helps kids dive deeper into their faith by putting the FOCUS on God and His amazing plan for us. Your elementary kids will have a blast as they discover how to trust in what they CAN’T see because of what they CAN see.

The camp is made up of two parts: a virtual camp and a service project. The beginning of the week will utilize the activities from a prepared kit made specially with all the supplies necessary inside. The later part is a service project we're calling "Bag it". During the month of July, decorated bags will be handed out after church services to be filled with school supplies. The kids will sort and prepare the bags for future deliveries to participating local schools. On Friday from 12:00-2:00pm, the kids will have the opportunity to roller skate in our church parking lot. Lunch and drinks will be provided. 

The cost for this fun-filled week is FREE! Registration is required to receive the pre-packaged activities box. Specially printed t-shirts are available, but not required, for purchase for $5. You can select size and pay on the registration form.

Invite friends, family and neighbors. It could be fun to host it in your home, park or even your driveway! 

13845 22 Mile, Shelby Twp., MI  48315



Sundays  -  9:30am and 11:00am




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