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GHANA 2020 Trip rescheduled

for june 2021

Austin and Amanda


An update from austin:

Despite the Coronavirus outbreak, by God's grace we are still able to continue with several of our ongoing projects, one of those being the church building at the village of Nyujagyili. We've written about the church at Nyujagyili in several past newsletters, but it is one of our most recent church plants located about an hour and a half from Tamale. One of our church members in Tamale felt the burden to plant a church in his Muslim home village of Nyujagyili, and we are so thankful that the church is really thriving there. We have been working really hard to help the congregation put up a church building, that will also double as a school for the community during the week.


Despite being a Muslim community, we have strived to maintain a good relationship with the village elders and we have been received well whenever we go to visit. Last year we were able to drill a well there, and with the addition of a building that can also be used as a school for the community children, the village is very excited about the development that is happening.


We are so thankful to Macomb Christian Church in Michigan for the funds that have come in to make this project possible (a team was supposed to come from Macomb to help with the building project but we had to cancel the trip due to the Covid-19. They have asked us to continue with the project at Nyujagyili and we are very pleased for their support and prayers), and so far we have been able to dig and pour the foundation for the church building, and are starting now on the walls.


We ask for your prayers as we continue work on this project, and for your prayers for the church at Nyujagyili to be a light in a very dark community.The building project has been embraced by all in the community, especially with the plan to also use the building as a school, we believe this would make it a lot easy for children and their families to become Christians since the kids would be coming to the building during the weekdays. The chief, elders and members of the community have been supporting with labor and in other ways to make this project possible.

Thank you!

Ghana 2020 team

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