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Each year, we as church members are able to nominate leaders to be Elders and Deacons. These key volunteer leaders are vital to our pursuit of God's vision. It takes changed leaders reaching out, to impact our church. 

During this process be in prayer. Pray for the current Elders, Deacons and nominees as they work through the selection process. And pray God guides and leads you as you nominate men and women for these leadership positions.

Below are the specific position descriptions as well as the voting timeline. The nominees attend information meetings, fill out an extensive questionnaire, and go through an interview process.




The primary roles of the Elders at Macomb is

  • equip godly leadership,

  • guide the overall direction for the church,

  • shepherd the congregation

  • protect the church from falsehood. 

The Elders meet with the ministers on a monthly basis and serve a term of three years.



Deacons are responsible for specific ministry areas throughout the church.

  • lead 

  • recruit

  • train

  • offer spiritual encouragement

Deacons are called to set an example in service and leadership. They serve a two year term.


current Elders:

Brian Carr and Frank Kania

*term will expire this year. 

current Deacons:

Steve Cameron, Amanda Dodge, *Tom Pfeiffer, *Kent Wagner

*term will expire this year. 


June 26 - July 17:  Nominations collected

July 17 - September 13:  Nominees interviewed

September 13 - September 15: Nominees informed

October 16:  Members receive sample ballot in the mail that week

November 13:  Election Day / Annual Meeting

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