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I realize as I write that there is a good probability that by the next time I write an article for this online publication, I will probably be a grandfather. (And I’ll be married to grandmother.) Life changes quickly. A year ago at this time, this was not even in our thinking. But life changes and we move into new roles that God gives us. And this is a role I can’t wait for. I got all the mistakes out of the way being a parent. I’m ready for grand kids. As we mature, our lives are supposed to change. We mature as we age. And that maturity gives us a sense of wisdom and priority. We don’t see life like we did at one time. There is a better balance. I have figured out my strengths. I know what I am good at, and what I need to just call the repair man for, immediately. I know what food I should not eat and I avoid them (most of the time). We all mature. It's part of our Christian life cycle as well. We get more certain about faith. We are not shaken by as many of the little things. We gain a perspective on what is important and what is not. We realize what we have… and we need to do something about it. This is really the theme of the first three teaching series in 2020. Do we know what we have, and what will we do about it? In the Holy Spirit series, do we realize who has come to live inside of us? Do we know what He can do? Do we realize the power and strength and ability that He brings with Him? Do we realize the certainty, comfort, and faith He can add to us? If we realize what and who we have inside of us, what we will do? Will we lean into Him? Will we open ourselves up for Him to change more of us? Will we listen more? Will we attempt to do more? The series we start in mid-February is called, The Generosity Gene. We have been made in God’s image, and He is generous to His core. We are like Him. When we realize how much we have, and how much we have been given, what will we do? What will we do with the abundance we have been blessed with? In March, we teach through a series on the best gifts that God has given us. When we realize how much we have been forgiven, how will we treat the people around us? When we realize we have been given a mercy so big that we can never permanently fail, what will we do? What will we share? When we realize that we have a grace that is always enough, no matter how insufficient we feel, He can finish whatever we try. His grace is sufficient for us. What do we share with those around us? What will we do? As we grow and take stock of what is around us, how will we live because of what we have been given? When we first talked about constructing a church building for a village in Ghana, Africa, there was something that instantly caught my attention. As I sit in a beautiful building that is well designed to do ministry for 500 people, I know that we have more than we deserve. And what will we do when we know that He has given us more than we need? Will we reach out and take care of others? I realize our building is not paid off. We are six years into a 30-year mortgage – which means we still have the big part to go. (So… please keep giving.) But when I realize we have all that we need for now to do ministry in the way God calls us to, there are places that don’t. What are we going to do? The giving toward the Ghana church project is open until March 1. Please consider what gift you can make to bless them. The opportunities we have for ministry in our church, community and around the world have never been better. And I love what God is going to do through us. So: • Take stock of your life. See how far you’ve come. • Dig deep inside. Realize you have more to share than you know. • Invest in the Kingdom around you. Nothing will change your world, and the world for someone else more permanently. • Do it: Give. Serve. Love. Learn. Teach. Go. Invest. Share. Volunteer. Reach. Build. Speak. Encourage. Plant. As we continue to mature, life changes. And these changes are beautiful things.

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