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Thailand 2018Trip


Our Team!

The team will be spending their time at Home of Blessings. This is our boy's home in Thailand which houses 15 Hmong boys from hill-tribes in Northern Thailand. We are their sole supporters. The team has been busy. They all were able to give their testimony, played football (soccer) with the boys and are spending time getting to know them better. They've also experienced some local culture and cuisine too.

The group has traveled safely to Chang Rai. Chad loved seeing the countryside and the rice fields. They took the boys for elephant rides and saw a few performances from the elephants. They are making some nice memories with the boys.  

They’ll be saying goodbye to the boys soon because they will have to return to school. The group will travel closer to the airport on Monday and will be starting their journey home on Tuesday.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you for all your prayers and financial support for our mission trip to Thailand.  As you know, Macomb Christian Church is the sole supporter for a boys’ home over in Thailand called “Home of Blessing.”  During our two weeks over in Thailand, we got to spend lots of time with the 14 boys in the house.  These boys stay at the home during the school year, and then go to their homes for the summer.  They also get to go home once a month to be with their families.  One day we went up in the mountains to their villages and met many of the boys’ families.  It was a blessing to see them with their families, but heartbreaking to see their homes.  They stay in the Home of Blessing until 9th grade. The boys and their family can decide whether they will continue through 12th grade or go to work for their family, which usually is farming.  At the home, they go to church and learn the Bible.  It’s amazing to see their knowledge.  They are so kind and generous.  We were also able to encourage the house parents.  They have only been there a couple months and they already making an impact with the boys.



We played games with the boys and a lot of the guys played soccer with them. The boys love to play soccer.  We blessed them with new soccer shoes.  We went during Thailand’s rainy season.  The boys play in any weather.  They were slipping and sliding in the mud, but the smiles on their faces were priceless.  We were able to bless the boys with gifts and activities that they aren’t usually able to do.  Many of the boys were wearing shoes that were too small, so we purchased sandals for them. We took them to Chaing Rai and stayed at a hotel with a pool. They love to go swimming.  We blessed them with swimsuits and towels for the hotel since they don’t own swimsuits. 


We taught English in the school a couple of the days.  The students loved that we were there.  By teaching there, the missionaries were able to form a connection with the teachers.


Michael and Naomi are the missionaries there, and they love the boys like they are their own. Home of Blessing is just one of the ministries that they oversee.  We were able to encourage them and pray with them.  Please continue to prayer for Michael and Naomi, the boys and the people of Thailand. God is doing amazing things there.  Thailand is a beautiful country and so are the people.  We believe God has big plans for the boys and the country of Thailand.



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